2018 Grade 1


Round 1 20th & 21st February Round 8 15th & 16th March
Tues 20th Dee Why -v- Pittwater Thurs 15th Manly -v- Mona Vale
Wed 21st Avalon -v- Seaforth Fri 16th Pittwater -v- Dee Why
Wed 21st Harbord -v- Newport Beach Fri 16th Newport Beach -v- Harbord
Wed 21st Mona Vale -v- Manly Fri 16th Seaforth -v- Avalon
Round 2 22nd & 23rd February Round 9 20th & 21st March
Thurs 22 Dee Why -v- Avalon Tues 20th Newport Beach -v- Mona Vale
Thurs 22 Manly -v- Harbord Wed 21st Avalon -v- Dee Why
Fri 23rd Pittwater -v- Seaforth Wed 21st Harbord -v- Manly
Fri 23rd Mona Vale -v- Newport Beach Wed 21st Seaforth -v- Pittwater
Round 3 27th & 28th February Round 10 22nd & 23rd March
Tues 27th Newport Beach -v- Manly Thurs 22nd Dee Why -v- Seaforth
Wed 28th Avalon -v- Pittwater Thurs 22nd Manly -v- Newport Beach
Wed 28th Mona Vale -v- Harbord Fri 23rd Pittwater -v- Avalon
Wed 28th Seaforth -v- Dee Why Fri 23rd Harbord -v- Mona Vale
Round 4 1st & 2nd March Round 11 27th & 28th March
Thurs 1 Manly -v- Dee Why Tues 27th Dee Why -v- Manly
Fri 2nd Harbord -v- Avalon Tues 27th Newport Beach -v- Seaforth
Fri 2nd Seaforth -v- Newport Beach Wed 28th Avalon -v- Harbord
Fri 2nd Pittwater -v- Mona Vale Wed 28th Mona Vale -v- Pittwater
Round 5 6th & 7th March Round 12 17th & 18th April
Tues 6th Newport Beach -v- Avalon Thurs 17th Manly -v- Pittwater
Tues 6th Dee Why -v- Harbord Wed 18th Avalon -v- Newport Beach
Wed 7th Seaforth -v- Mona Vale Wed 18th Mona Vale -v- Seaforth
Wed 7th Pittwater -v- Manly Wed 18th Harbord -v- Dee Why
Round 6 9th March Round 13 19th & 20th April
Fri 9th Avalon -v- Manly Thurs 19th Manly -v- Avalon
Fri 9th Harbord -v- Seaforth Thurs 19th Dee Why -v- Mona Vale
Fri 9th Mona Vale -v- Dee Why Fri 20th Seaforth -v- Harbord
Fri 9th Pittwater -v- Newport Beach Fri 20th Newport Beach -v- Pittwater
Round 7 13th & 14th March Round 14 26th & 27th April
Tues 13th Dee Why -v- Newport Beach Thurs 26th Manly -v- Seaforth
Wed 14th Avalon -v- Mona Vale Fri 27th Mona Vale -v- Avalon
Wed 14th Seaforth -v- Manly Fri 27th Newport Beach -v- Dee Why
Wed 14th Harbord -v- Pittwater Fri 27th Pittwater -v- Harbord
GRADE 1 MANAGER: Marie Smith - 17 Capri Close Avalon. 2107.   Phone:   9918 5226
Match results to be phoned throught to Grade Manager by 4.30pm.
Chair of District Match:   Sandra Walton - 9982 6792  



Congratulations to the

2017 MW District and Region 15 winners


Winners of Grade 1 Pennant Flag – from l-r Masaka Sato, Gwen Dessaix, Susan Laidlaw, Virginia Longfellow (Skip), Lorraine Belling, Robyn Kennedy, Jan Newell, Chris Gordon (Skip), Grace Costanza (Regular Reserve)